Fuck McCain

All but conceding Dem primary is over, DNC turns to Obama defense

They don’t say the name of their likely nominee in the press release, but the DNC is effectively coming to the defense of Barack Obama for the first time today.

Citing what they call John McCain’s “troubling pattern of flubbing key facts and echoing obviously false statements about his own record,” the committee has put out a Top 10 of McCain’s “misstatements and outright deceptions.”

The move comes one day after Obama was hammered by the RNC and right-wing voices for falsely claiming his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz — it was a great-uncle and Buchenwald — and as conservatives buzz about a pattern of embellishments.

1. McCain doesn’t even know who is in charge in Iran.
2. Iraq/Iran, Sunni/Shia: McCain doesn’t know the difference.
3. McCain still thinks Czechoslovakia (which split into two countries in 1993) exists.
4. McCain wrongly claimed that Baghdad was mostly normal.
5. McCain called Baghdad market safe.
6. McCain can’t even remember how little he knows about the economy.
7. McCain falsely claimed he never requested pork.
8. McCain falsely claimed that tax cuts increased government revenues.
9. McCain’s claim to be untainted by special interest money is false.
10. McCain wrongly claimed he never supported amnesty.

UPDATE: The DNC, doing their due diligence, asked me to take this post down.

I declined.

But this is what DNC spokesman Damien LaVera has to say:

“This post mistakenly and inaccurately suggests that the DNC is taking sides in the primary. The DNC is absolutely neutral in the primary. The primary is not over. It is our job to hold John McCain accountable and as you can see from the materials below we have raised these same issues you posted about many, many times over the past several months. We also believe that it’s important that McCain’s so-called misstatements should be pointed out vigorously, like when he has gotten the basic facts on the ground in Iraq woefully incorrect.”

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