Love ‘dos drogas

“No art could exist without intoxication”




One Response to “Love ‘dos drogas”

  1. tercero Says:

    Drugs! Oh sweet substances and elixirs of life,
    drink deaths elixir, alcohol makes you speak quicker
    Smoke and the lights flicker, have faith enough? Try LSD.

    I beileve in all things beautiful, i believe in Nietszche.
    I believe Nietszche went crazy and Morrison died twenty seven.
    I believe in beauty I believe in yours truly.

    I believe society has banished drugs in fear-
    in an attempt to protect the proletarians who treat tricks till death-
    well smell my breath: i am drunk. (yet i havent drinked tonight!)

    I can sing sober, i can sing not.
    I can do all this, and all the more: I AM MY LORD.

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