South park re-animated


16 Responses to “South park re-animated”

  1. Animal Hitman Says:

    Kenny’s mom looks hot.

  2. jessy Says:

    i love it!! its sooo cool!! kennys sooo cute!!!

  3. Rachie Says:

    Hey I know who drew that ! Its here on a site called deviantart! Yaaaaaaaay I love this pic!

  4. MAC Says:

    hae to say it looks tight I wonder will there be new voices to go with the new look.

  5. mikel Says:

    They all look good but this will not be a South Park any more, so please dont kill it.

  6. blobo Says:

    south park and japanese cartoons are two very different things. South park is not meant to be that well drawed, and characters are not that good looking.

  7. createmo Says:

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  8. Quiet Pat Says:

    This is F*cking Amazing! … Kenny’s mom Does look hot…

  9. gatoz Says:

    where is shelly marsh?, i can understand not having all the mccormick kids cause theyve never really added anything to the show except as a reminder of how white trash kenny and his family are.

  10. colli Says:

    So, im not the only one who noticed it!

  11. daisy rocks your socks Says:

    this is awesome kenny does look hot

  12. scott Says:

    i agree with animal hitman and gatoz

  13. radha Says:

    wow. who ever drew that is really talented. it really looks like them. apart from stan. i think you could have done better on him. but i could never do that.

  14. the erw Says:


  15. Iris Says:

    …Wow… Your good at this… Nice job on Kenny

  16. Christian Says:

    Good job, but where is shelly and kenneys bro ?

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