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Top 5 Disney Controversies

October 14, 2008

By Tyler Esposito

Over the years (especially beginning with the Disney renaissance of the early 90’s) people have been reporting obscene and inappropriate material hidden within several Disney films. Most of these accusations came from kids who would watch these movies over and over again on VHS. How the kids would even understand such content is beyond me, but lets have a look. (more…)

Everything you were afraid to ask about “Donnie Darko”

July 27, 2008

With the release of the new director’s cut, there are even more questions about the 2001 cult fave. Who’s the fat guy in the track suit? What’s with the 6-foot rabbit? We answer them all.

Jul 23, 2004 | 2364 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes and 44 seconds ago, Donnie Darko flopped. (more…)

5 horrific murders (and the TV movies made from them)

July 9, 2008

by Kara – June 26, 2008 – 9:13 AM

The enthusiastic response to last week’s Movie of the Week column inspired me to plant myself in front of the Lifetime Movie Network for a few days armed with a bowl of popcorn and a pen poised over a notebook. (The never-ending rigors of this job boggle the mind.) My favorite made-for-TVers are those based on true stories, especially true stories involving jealous friends or spouses who go on sleazy killing rampages. Here are 5 classics, along with the real stories behind the films: (more…)