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“A traveler’s guide to getting high”

July 25, 2008

Ann Arbor, MI

Updated: 11/3/2007
Smoking tolerance level: 4
During the last thirty years, Ann Arbor, Michigan has enacted some of the most lenient laws on marijuana possession in the country. A city ordinance has been in place since 1972, which treats marijuana possession as a traffic offense. If you’re caught with pot, (as long as you are not selling) you will receive a small fine, usually about twenty-dollars. However, if you are caught with pot on University of Michigan property… you will be subject to federal laws, because the University is a funded by the federal government, and they own the land. Therefore, it is best to stay off University property when smoking, and stay within Ann Arbor city limits.

The Courts don’t keep track of the number of offenses, they just fine everyone $25 +$25 court costs = $50. Police do not enforce federal law, only state law.

Our most recent report is: “Legislation chage now having possession of marijuana is a 93 day Misdemonor.”
Law enforcement:

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Ann Arbor police sometimes patrol areas where tokers smoke outside, especially near toker friendly bars downtown. They may briefly cuff you, take your stash and let you go with a $50 ticket. Otherwise, Ann Arbor police generally don’t investigate cannabis offenses, but they do contribute to the multi-county drug enforcement agency LAWNET.
Try not to blow the smoke right at the police officer and chances are you’ll be alright.
Where to buy marijuana in Ann arbor: Marijuana is most often purchased within someone’s home, or apartment. Marijuana is, however, available on the street. The two head shops near E Williams and S State attract a weed-friendly crowd. The liquor stores in this area, and further down S State near Packard can be good places to find a dealer. Use common sense, and don’t be afraid to ask people. Occasionally, one can find somebody smoking openly in a neighborhood. The Fourth Ward area (Catherine St., E Ann) can be good for this, as well as, other areas with students (Washtenaw, E University, Hill). The Nichols Arboretum (a nature preserve) is often filled with tokers, if school is in session and the weather permits. Just use common sense, and approach people who look like they smoke.

another report we received is :”Preferably from someone you know. However, if you don’t know anyone, I recommend the usual people and places: students, taxi drivers, toker friendly bars and diners, head shops, the “Arboretum”, and other places near the University of Michigan central campus, west side of downtown, and north side of downtown.”
Ann Arbor marijuana prices: 40 per 1/8 of regs and 50-60 per 1/8 of chronic. People selling weed in Ann Arbor mostly consist of college students and because of how they’re all looking for a cut you aren\’t going to find any cheap prices in town.

and also: “Prices usually go for a little higher than you have posted. Midgrade weed may go for prices like that, but if you’re looking to buy good weed, it’s going to be more around $40-50 for an eighth.”
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Brands: A wide-range of marijuana is available. From “chronic” to “mexican shwag”.
More information: Ann Arbor hosts the annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash held on the first Saturday of April starting at 12 noon at the University of Michigan Diag and then proceeds to the Monroe Street Fair at 1 pm. Go to or for more information.

“Hottest student bodies” how did U of M not win??

July 15, 2008

32. Michigan (ranked 32 in hottest student bodies)

Michigan Hot Girl

Michigan is one of the finer public schools in the country, so not only will you find some hot girls, she’ll probably be able to hold a conversation with you.

27. Michigan State

Hot Michigan State Girl

Michigan State girls have the reputation of being a little slower than their Michigan sisters who go to school in Ann Arbor. But who cares when they look like this? I’d definitely prefer to find myself in Lansing.


UM prison study

July 10, 2008

Nearly a month after a published study on increasing U.S. prison population revealed more than 1 in 100 American adults are behind bars, two University of Michigan professors are aiming to elevate the public debate on prison reform.

The timing, they say, should coincide with the intensely debated presidential campaign, where the growing prison population topic should be considered along with the economy and Iraq War.

“This is an invisible subject,” said U-M professor Buzz Alexander. “It’s a crisis and no one is really talking about it.” (more…)

Top 20 Cannabis colleges (U of M is on the list!)

July 8, 2008

The HIGH TIMES guide to higher education.

Thu, Aug 18, 2005 2:05 pm

No doubt about it: College and cannabis go well together, particularly if you’re seeking true mind expansion, as opposed to a few semesters of mental demolition derby followed by the inevitable flunking out (hey—it happens). Regardless, marijuana has been associated with a highly intellectual, bohemian undergrad lifestyle since Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac smoked out New York’s Columbia University back in the ’40s, although nowadays it seems you’re just as likely to find a joint dangling from the lips of a jock, nerd, Greek, geek, teacher or dean as from the lips of a freaky beatnik.

But while marijuana use has undoubtedly become more mainstream over the years, and you’d be hard-pressed these days to find a campus anywhere that doesn’t have its share of heads, some schools are certainly more suitable for stoners than others. So, with that in mind, HIGH TIMES proudly presents our annual list of the Top 10 cannabis colleges in America. Please bear in mind that this is a highly subjective ranking. Also, you probably shouldn’t decide where to spend four years of your life based on a Top 10 list in a magazine.

Particularly this magazine. (more…)